One of two major pharmacologically defined classes of adrenergic receptors. The beta adrenergic receptors play an important role in regulating CARDIAC MUSCLE contraction, SMOOTH MUSCLE relaxation, and GLYCOGENOLYSIS. (mesh:D011943)



Synonym Reference Specificity
beta-adrenoreceptor Exact
beta-adrenergic receptor Exact
β-adrenergic receptor Exact
betaAR Exact
b-receptors Exact
b-adrenergic receptor Exact
β-adrenoreceptor Exact
βAR Exact

Incoming Relations

Identifier Name Relation
HGNC:285 ADRB1 isa
HGNC:288 ADRB3 isa
HGNC:286 ADRB2 isa

Outgoing Relations

None available.