An E3 ubiquitin ligase primarily involved in regulation of the metaphase-to-anaphase transition during MITOSIS through ubiquitination of specific CELL CYCLE PROTEINS. Enzyme activity is tightly regulated through subunits and cofactors, which modulate activation, inhibition, and substrate specificity. The anaphase-promoting complex, or APC-C, is also involved in tissue differentiation in the PLACENTA, CRYSTALLINE LENS, and SKELETAL MUSCLE, and in regulation of postmitotic NEURONAL PLASTICITY and excitability. (mesh:D064173)



Synonym Reference Specificity
APC/C Exact

Incoming Relations

Identifier Name Relation
HGNC:17380 ANAPC7 partof
HGNC:1720 CDC16 partof
HGNC:1724 CDC23 partof
HGNC:19988 ANAPC1 partof
HGNC:24077 ANAPC10 partof
HGNC:24540 ANAPC13 partof
HGNC:15713 ANAPC5 partof
HGNC:1728 CDC27 partof
HGNC:19989 ANAPC2 partof
HGNC:17839 CDC26 partof
HGNC:14452 ANAPC11 partof
HGNC:24531 ANAPC15 partof
HGNC:26976 ANAPC16 partof
HGNC:19990 ANAPC4 partof

Outgoing Relations

None available.