MONOMERIC GTP-BINDING PROTEINS that were initially recognized as allosteric activators of the MONO(ADP-RIBOSE) TRANSFERASE of the CHOLERA TOXIN catalytic subunit. They are involved in vesicle trafficking and activation of PHOSPHOLIPASE D. This enzyme was formerly listed as EC (mesh:D020727)



Synonym Reference Specificity
ADP ribosylation factor Exact

Incoming Relations

Identifier Name Relation
HGNC:692 ARL1 isa
HGNC:32387 ARL17B isa
HGNC:13210 ARL6 isa
HGNC:659 ARF6 isa
HGNC:695 ARL4A isa
HGNC:25192 ARL8A isa
HGNC:25564 ARL8B isa
HGNC:655 ARF4 isa
HGNC:22974 ARL14 isa
HGNC:24046 ARL11 isa
HGNC:22042 ARL10 isa
HGNC:698 ARL4C isa
HGNC:31709 ARL13A isa
HGNC:693 ARL2 isa
HGNC:10534 SAR1A isa
HGNC:23052 ARL5B isa
HGNC:662 ARFRP1 isa
HGNC:25419 ARL13B isa
HGNC:694 ARL3 isa
HGNC:27902 ARL16 isa
HGNC:658 ARF5 isa
HGNC:10535 SAR1B isa
HGNC:31111 ARL5C isa
HGNC:25945 ARL15 isa
HGNC:24096 ARL17A isa
HGNC:656 ARL4D isa
HGNC:654 ARF3 isa
HGNC:660 TRIM23 isa
HGNC:652 ARF1 isa
HGNC:696 ARL5A isa
HGNC:23592 ARL9 isa

Outgoing Relations

None available.