A complex of seven proteins including ARP2 PROTEIN and ARP3 PROTEIN that plays an essential role in maintenance and assembly of the CYTOSKELETON. Arp2-3 complex binds WASP PROTEIN and existing ACTIN FILAMENTS, and it nucleates the formation of new branch point filaments. (mesh:D051376)



Synonym Reference Specificity
Arp2/3 Exact

Incoming Relations

Identifier Name Relation
HGNC:705 ARPC2 partof
HGNC:703 ARPC1A partof
HGNC:704 ARPC1B partof
HGNC:708 ARPC5 partof
HGNC:707 ARPC4 partof
HGNC:706 ARPC3 partof
HGNC:23366 ARPC5L partof

Outgoing Relations

None available.