A group of lysosomal proteinases or endopeptidases found in aqueous extracts of a variety of animal tissues. They function optimally within an acidic pH range. The cathepsins occur as a variety of enzyme subtypes including SERINE PROTEASES; ASPARTIC PROTEINASES; and CYSTEINE PROTEASES. (mesh:D002403)



Synonym Reference Specificity
cathepsins Exact
cathepsin Exact

Incoming Relations

Identifier Name Relation
HGNC:2530 CTSE isa
HGNC:2535 CTSH isa
HGNC:2546 CTSW isa
HGNC:2532 CTSG isa
HGNC:2527 CTSB isa
HGNC:2545 CTSS isa
HGNC:2538 CTSV isa
HGNC:2531 CTSF isa
HGNC:2536 CTSK isa
HGNC:2547 CTSZ isa
HGNC:9251 CTSA isa
HGNC:2537 CTSL isa
HGNC:2529 CTSD isa
HGNC:2542 CTSO isa
HGNC:2528 CTSC isa

Outgoing Relations

None available.