Specific molecular sites or structures on cell membranes that react with FIBROBLAST GROWTH FACTORS (both the basic and acidic forms), their analogs, or their antagonists to elicit or to inhibit the specific response of the cell to these factors. These receptors frequently possess tyrosine kinase activity. (mesh:D017468)



Synonym Reference Specificity
FGFR Exact

Incoming Relations

Identifier Name Relation
HGNC:3691 FGFR4 isa
HGNC:3688 FGFR1 isa
HGNC:3690 FGFR3 isa
HGNC:3693 FGFRL1 isa
HGNC:3689 FGFR2 isa

Outgoing Relations

None available.