A family of proteins that were originally identified in SACCHAROMYCES CEREVISIAE as being essential for maintaining the structure of minichromosomes00. They form into a protein complex that has helicase activity and is involved in a variety of DNA-related functions including replication elongation, RNA transcription, chromatin remodeling, and genome stability. (mesh:D064110)



Synonym Reference Specificity
MCM Exact
mini-chromosome maintenance complex Exact
Mcm Exact
minichromosome maintenance complex Exact
minichromosome maintenance protein complex Exact

Incoming Relations

Identifier Name Relation
HGNC:26368 MCMDC2 isa
HGNC:6945 MCM3 isa
HGNC:21484 MCM9 isa
HGNC:6944 MCM2 isa
HGNC:6949 MCM6 isa
HGNC:6947 MCM4 isa
HGNC:6950 MCM7 isa
HGNC:6948 MCM5 isa
HGNC:16147 MCM8 isa

Outgoing Relations

None available.