A large protein complex which acts as a signaling adaptor protein that allows communication between the various regulatory and functional components of GENETIC TRANSCRIPTION including DNA POLYMERASE II; GENERAL TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS; and TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS that are bound to upstream ENHANCER ELEMENTS. The mediator complex was originally studied in YEAST where at least 21 subunits were identified. Many of the yeast subunits are homologs to proteins in higher organisms that are found associated with specific nuclear receptors such as THYROID HORMONE RECEPTORS and VITAMIN D RECEPTORS. (mesh:D056892)



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Incoming Relations

Identifier Name Relation
HGNC:2370 MED14 partof
HGNC:2375 MED17 partof
HGNC:9234 MED1 partof
HGNC:32687 MED11 partof
HGNC:23032 MED30 partof
HGNC:19971 MED8 partof
HGNC:22963 MED24 partof
HGNC:23074 MED29 partof
HGNC:22474 MED13 partof
HGNC:24628 MED28 partof
HGNC:11477 MED22 partof
HGNC:16050 MED12L partof
HGNC:14248 MED15 partof
HGNC:28760 MED10 partof
HGNC:1581 CCNC partof
HGNC:19970 MED6 partof
HGNC:22962 MED13L partof
HGNC:25487 MED9 partof
HGNC:28845 MED25 partof
HGNC:16840 MED20 partof
HGNC:2378 MED7 partof
HGNC:11957 MED12 partof
HGNC:2372 MED23 partof
HGNC:17903 MED4 partof
HGNC:2376 MED26 partof
HGNC:25944 MED18 partof
HGNC:17556 MED16 partof
HGNC:11473 MED21 partof
HGNC:2377 MED27 partof
HGNC:1779 CDK8 partof
HGNC:29600 MED19 partof
HGNC:24260 MED31 partof
HGNC:19338 CDK19 partof

Outgoing Relations

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