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Synonym Reference Specificity
large mitoribosomal subunit Exact
Large Mitoribosomal Subunit Exact
large subunit of the mammalian mitochondrial ribosome Exact
mitochondrial ribosomal large subunit Exact

Incoming Relations

Identifier Name Relation
HGNC:16685 MRPL54 partof
HGNC:14027 MRPL39 partof
HGNC:10379 MRPL3 partof
HGNC:14517 MRPL43 partof
HGNC:14484 MRPL28 partof
HGNC:16655 MRPL52 partof
HGNC:14275 MRPL1 partof
HGNC:10322 MRPL23 partof
HGNC:16650 MRPL44 partof
HGNC:16686 MRPL55 partof
HGNC:14044 MRPL51 partof
HGNC:16652 MRPL47 partof
HGNC:14478 MRPL20 partof
HGNC:14490 MRPL36 partof
HGNC:14492 MRPL41 partof
HGNC:16654 MRPL50 partof
HGNC:14476 MRPL16 partof
HGNC:16653 MRPL48 partof
HGNC:14276 MRPL4 partof
HGNC:1192 MRPL46 partof
HGNC:10378 MRPL12 partof
HGNC:14493 MRPL42 partof
HGNC:14054 MRPL15 partof
HGNC:16684 MRPL53 partof
HGNC:14042 MRPL11 partof
HGNC:14056 MRPL2 partof
HGNC:14479 MRPL21 partof
HGNC:14489 MRPL35 partof
HGNC:14480 MRPL22 partof
HGNC:14035 MRPL32 partof
HGNC:14279 MRPL14 partof
HGNC:16651 MRPL45 partof
HGNC:14277 MRPL9 partof
HGNC:14487 MRPL33 partof
HGNC:14514 MRPL57 partof
HGNC:14053 MRPL17 partof
HGNC:14491 MRPL40 partof
HGNC:14036 MRPL30 partof
HGNC:14052 MRPL19 partof
HGNC:14034 MRPL37 partof
HGNC:14033 MRPL38 partof
HGNC:14055 MRPL10 partof
HGNC:14483 MRPL27 partof
HGNC:14477 MRPL18 partof
HGNC:14278 MRPL13 partof
HGNC:1176 MRPL49 partof
HGNC:14037 MRPL24 partof
HGNC:14488 MRPL34 partof

Outgoing Relations

Relation Identifier Name
partof FPLX:Mitochondrial_Ribosome Mitochondrial_Ribosome