A flavoprotein and iron sulfur-containing oxidoreductase that catalyzes the oxidation of NADH to NAD. In eukaryotes the enzyme can be found as a component of mitochondrial electron transport complex I. Under experimental conditions the enzyme can use CYTOCHROME C GROUP as the reducing cofactor. The enzyme was formerly listed as EC (mesh:D009245)



Synonym Reference Specificity
NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) Exact
NADH dehydrogenase Exact

Incoming Relations

Identifier Name Relation
HGNC:7461 MT-ND5 partof
HGNC:7462 MT-ND6 partof
HGNC:7460 MT-ND4L partof
HGNC:7455 MT-ND1 partof
HGNC:7456 MT-ND2 partof
HGNC:7459 MT-ND4 partof
HGNC:7458 MT-ND3 partof

Outgoing Relations

None available.