Peptides that regulate the WATER-ELECTROLYTE BALANCE in the body, also known as natriuretic peptide hormones. Several have been sequenced (ATRIAL NATRIURETIC FACTOR; BRAIN NATRIURETIC PEPTIDE; C-TYPE NATRIURETIC PEPTIDE). (mesh:D045265)



Synonym Reference Specificity
Natriuretic Peptides Exact
natriuretic peptides Exact
Natriuretic peptides Exact
natriuretic peptide Exact
Natriuretic Peptide Exact
Natriuretic peptide Exact

Incoming Relations

Identifier Name Relation
HGNC:7941 NPPC isa
HGNC:7940 NPPB isa
HGNC:7939 NPPA isa

Outgoing Relations

Relation Identifier Name
isa FPLX:Neuropeptides Neuropeptides