Proteins, usually projecting from the cilia of olfactory receptor neurons, that specifically bind odorant molecules and trigger responses in the neurons. The large number of different odorant receptors appears to arise from several gene families or subfamilies rather than from DNA rearrangement. (mesh:D018035)



Synonym Reference Specificity
olfactory receptors Exact
olfactory receptor Exact

Incoming Relations

Identifier Name Relation
FPLX:OR56 OR56 isa
FPLX:OR3 OR3 isa
FPLX:OR9 OR9 isa
FPLX:OR51 OR51 isa
FPLX:OR5 OR5 isa
FPLX:OR52 OR52 isa
FPLX:OR4 OR4 isa
FPLX:OR11 OR11 isa
FPLX:OR14 OR14 isa
FPLX:OR7 OR7 isa
FPLX:OR1 OR1 isa
FPLX:OR12 OR12 isa
FPLX:OR6 OR6 isa
FPLX:OR10 OR10 isa
FPLX:OR13 OR13 isa
FPLX:OR2 OR2 isa
FPLX:OR8 OR8 isa

Outgoing Relations

None available.