A multisubunit polycomb protein complex that catalyzes the METHYLATION of chromosomal HISTONE H3. It works in conjunction with POLYCOMB REPRESSIVE COMPLEX 1 to effect EPIGENETIC REPRESSION. (mesh:D063151)



Synonym Reference Specificity
Polycomb-repressive complex 2 Exact
Polycomb repressive complex PRC2 Exact
Polycomb repressive complex 2 Exact
polycomb repressive complex 2 Exact
PRC2 Exact
Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 Exact
Polycomb Repressive Complexes 2 Exact

Incoming Relations

Identifier Name Relation
HGNC:17101 SUZ12 partof
HGNC:3526 EZH1 partof
HGNC:3527 EZH2 partof
HGNC:3188 EED partof

Outgoing Relations

None available.