A family of proteins that are involved in the translocation of signals from TGF-BETA RECEPTORS; BONE MORPHOGENETIC PROTEIN RECEPTORS; and other surface receptors to the CELL NUCLEUS. They were originally identified as a class of proteins that are related to the mothers against decapentaplegic protein, Drosophila and sma proteins from CAENORHABDITIS ELEGANS. (mesh:D051785)



Synonym Reference Specificity
smad Exact
SMAD Exact
Smad Exact

Incoming Relations

Identifier Name Relation
FPLX:SMAD1_5_9 SMAD1_5_9 isa
HGNC:6773 SMAD7 isa
HGNC:6771 SMAD5 isa
FPLX:SMAD2_3 SMAD2_3 isa
HGNC:6770 SMAD4 isa
HGNC:6767 SMAD1 isa
HGNC:6774 SMAD9 isa
HGNC:6772 SMAD6 isa

Outgoing Relations

None available.